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Latest Reviews Added

Atlantic Medical Insurance Limited

Date Added: July 20, 2020

I have had a claim from October of 2019 which they still have not paid. They are terrible at customer service and just go around your questions. If I could rate 0 stars I would. Take out insurance plans elsewhere because Atlantic Medical is the worst of the worst. Con artists at best.

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Atlantic Medical Insurance Limited

Date Added: July 20, 2020

Would not recommend spending your money with them. They ignore claims, lie and withhold money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

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NRG Nutrition Ready to Go

Date Added: July 8, 2020

小米彩票平台Best Smoothies in Town

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AIM Concierge Services

Date Added: July 7, 2020

I have had the pleasure of doing business with AIM on various occasions for business licensing, visa applications, travel bookings and even assisting with legal work. My experience has always been an exceptional one. I would definitely recommend AIM.

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Allied Building Management Limited

Date Added: June 26, 2020

Always comes when you need them。 Takes care of your building so you don��t have so! Great service !

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Rapid Couriers

小米彩票平台Date Added: June 25, 2020

Received my package in a timely many but would still appreciate more business info from rapid couriers such as fees and client responsibilities.

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Munroe's Landscaping and Xeriscaping

Date Added: June 17, 2020

People who run this business are awful。 Don't care about their customers and rude as hell。 Stay away

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Optimum Fire Protection

Date Added: May 14, 2020

小米彩票平台For all your fire Protection needs and service. Whether it's from sprinkler system or fire extinguishers they got them all in one place. Over 30 years of experience they do it right the first time!!!

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Date Added: April 4, 2020

This station is amazing ��

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Date Added: March 26, 2020

Since my first contact with the company until completion of my website, I received great service. Their response time is very timely. I was able to reach someone every single time I called and my issue got addressed in a timely manner. That company really takes the time to educate. I strongly rec...

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